Gardens take on many forms and can obtain a layered quality through the interplay of vegetation and built structure. At Drysdale, we have specialized in the design of urban gardens that typically have a strong architectural component, such as a patio, deck, fencing, and/or stair. However, our strengths primarily reside in the planning of the overall site, the development and delineation of the interfaces between various outdoor spaces and detailing of all aspects of the design. Certainly, the furniture and planter selections for these outdoor areas are carefully considered and determined as well. We often design custom fences, walls and garden buildings for further aesthetic enhancement and to provide design solutions for troublesome city lot layouts. Our fundamental belief is that the more natural the connection between dwelling and landscape, the more successful and graceful the entire project will become.

We have often worked with pool specialists, civil engineers, and landscape architects on projects, if requested and/or needed, with great success.