The design and development of respectful relationships between the elements of art, architecture and decoration are at the core of my creative work. I have been fortunate enough to be engaged to design for several major collectors and to have been raised by two parents who collected seriously the work of one artist. I have never known a home without a strong place for art and artifact. I am confident that this exposure to the world of art, from a young age, encouraged my creativity and my ability to appreciate form and color.

Today, I love to invigorate the spaces I design with the brilliant vision, color, texture, and humor of the artists, my clients collect or begin with me, to collect. I have assisted many of my clients, with the help of qualified art dealers, in the formation of their collections. While architecture brings order, and furnishings provide flavor and comfort, art brings with it the vision of what an artist wants to say and reveals something of his or her times.

Art work need not be expensive; I think that what is important is the exploration and development of personal taste and developing what I call "visual literacy". Putting out there what it is that you like, is part of making a home, and giving it individual and personal expression.