in·te·ri·or de·sign: The art and practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings.

Drysdale Design Associates, of which Mary Douglas Drysdale is the Creative Director, is a full service interior design firm. Drysdale and her namesake firm are accomplished in the areas of design required of a complex or simple interior design project.

These areas are the planning and documentation of interior architecture for either existing buildings or new construction, including the coordination with contractors and construction and documentation of interior architecture for new buildings.

Additionally, the firm is expert with respect to the interior decoration of such projects. Drysdale and her staff will capably develop, with the client, furnishing and decorative schemes describing all of the moveable decoration, including the art, rugs and accessories.

The firm has long term relationships with consultants in various areas of of artistic endeavor, including specialty rugs, and antiques. Additionally, Drysdale has cultivated over two decades' long term relationships with contractors, fabricators, and artisans in many areas of expertise, who are called upon, as needed, in order to achieve specific project goals.

Drysdale Design Associates was founded in 1980 and has since been given numerous awards for performance and excellence in interior design and interior decoration. Should a project require it we can bring in architects, landscape architects, audio visual and security experts to supplement our own efforts.

Our view is that design process is a collaboration, and the client and design team are partners in reaching shared project goals. Our process emphasizes planning, transparency and requires the client to be active in the decision making

Drysdale has worked throughout the United States and abroad.